Why am I peeing so much? I havnt been drinking any more fluids that I normally do.

Many reasons. Frequent urination can be a symptom of a urinary tract, vaginal infections or possibly pregnancy. If you are drinking caffeinated drinks or other diuretics, these may be causing you to urinate more. More serious conditions have metabolic causes. Urine tests( pregnancy, uti, std) and a vaginal smear can diagnose many of these. See your doctor so this does not become serious.
Much vs frequency? If you are peeing more than what you eat/drink, you would dry up like a twig quite quickly. Caffeine, alcohol, and diuretics can make u pee more too. I assume you are peeing more frequently? Frequency, urgency, and burning on urination can be signs of an infection, uti. Since this is new for you, i recommend getting it checked by your doc. Good luck.