What are the common areas of metastasis of melanoma?

Local and distant. Melanomas, like other cancers, can metastasize either locally or distantly. Local metastasis usually means to a lymph node in the area of the primary tumor. From there, other areas which commonly develop metastasis include the lungs, liver, and brain. However, metastases just about anywhere in the body are possible.
"Local" & Distant. Mets can be local (skin, lymph nodes) based on location of primary cancer site. Mets can also be to liver, lung, brain, or almost anywhere. Some melanomas occur in unusual areas such as the retina or in non-sun exposed areas as well. I found this link with more details: http://skincancer.About.Com/od/skincancerbasics/a/melanoma_mets.Htm.
Multiple. The easiest way to think about melanoma metastasis is local (recurrent tumor near the original site), regional (in or around the closest lymph node concentration such as the armpit or groin), or systemic (most commonly lung, but other sites possible including liver, adrenal gland, spleen, bone, brain, sinuses, heart, abd lymph nodes and distant skin or fatty impants).