What are the chances of a keloid coming back after removal?

Keloid Rx. The safest approach is silicone tape/gel (myscaraway, from walgreens/online), steroid/bleomycin injections immunosuppressant/chemotherapyagent) only in pro hands, electron-beam radiotherapy, almost never excision unless radiotherapy can be guaranteed within 24hr after excision. Be very careful or it will be made worse by cutting it! close follow up for 2yrs+ to monitor for recurrence essential!
Removal . Removal of keloid does not guaranty it will not come back. Proper treatment of kenalog (triamcinolone) injections and or radiation can help reduce recurrence to a near 0%. Good luck from nyc.
50 per cent. There is a 50 per cent recurrence rate. Pressure and monthly cortisone shots will decrease the recurrence rate to close to 0 as possilble.