Fsh level 4.2 and LH is 6.1 on day 2 of the cycle and progesterone day 21 is 14.6 is it pcos?

Need more tests ... Lh higher than fsh on day 2 suggests pcos but is not part of the official diagnosis, which is 2 out of 3 of 1) irregular periods / no periods 2) hyperandrogenism - too much male-type hormones on blood tests or symptoms like acne, oily skin, or unwanted hair growth or 3) ultrasound showing an enlarged ovary and / or high antral follicle counts. Your lab work shows ovulation, can't diagnose pcos yet.
Blood work and pcos. The answer is pcos is unlikely but we need to see the cycle control for several months.In this current cycle you are ovulating.
Can't say. Early in the cycle the fsh should be higher than the lh - in this case it is not. Further, a hallmark of pcos is anovulation which should result in persistently low Progesterone levels - usually less that 4.0. Here the Progesterone level is elevated and would be consistent with ovulation, but that is a non-sequitur to the fsh/lh levels noted.