What are the causes of hepatic metastases?

Hepatic mets. I think you mean what cancers can cause hepatic mets. It usually happens when cancer spread through blood circulation in liver. Many different type of cancer can spread to liver. Most commonly colon, any cancer of digestive system and lung cancer. But mostly any cancer can spread to liver.
Cancer. Hepatic metastases refers to the spread of cancer cells from another site to the liver. Many cancers can spread there.

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Right pulmonary pleural based nodules suspicious for metastasesnsive hepatic metastases means?

Concerning. You need to talk to your doctor to understand better, but the report says is concerning for lung and liver cancer spots. This doesn't necessarily mean cancer, but you need to follow up to be sure. Read more...
See details. Please ask this question to the doctor who ordered the tests. That doctor is the only one who can put this result in context for you. The reading, unfortunately, suggests the underlying cause is a malignancy. However, there are other possible causes. That is why your own doctor will be the best one to provide an answer. Read more...