What are complications of renal pelvis or ureter cancer?

Bleeding. Cancer in these areas usually causes microscopic or visible blood in the urine. It can also cause obstruction to the outflow of urine from the kidney and cause kidney swelling (hydronephrosis). This then can also cause kidney pain in the flank area when the kidney becomes obstructed, similar to the pain from a kidney stone. If left untreated, these tumors tend to grow and metastasize.
Metastasis. Cancers can spread and cause harm in other places.

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My 61 year old friend discovered papillary cells in his ureter and renal pelvis. Should he take afinotib after the kidney and ureter are removed?

She should be seeing. An oncologist can address your questions better.From what you have written, i suspect that your friend has cancer(?Renal-pelvis/ureter). We first need to know if this is a kidney cancer or a transistional cell cancer(tcc of the renal pelvis). Surgery is the main treatment unless there is already spread of the tumor in which case some of the drugs like you mentioned(axitinib/afinitor) may be useful. Read more...