I was wondering is corn bad for a fatty liver from being obese? I am losing weight but miss eating that

Moderation is key. Yes you can have some corn. You should live your life, don't just stay alive. Corn-syrup is not so healthy, especially in excess, but fresh corn-on-the-cob is part of a good summer fun/joy and can be an integral part of your healthy diet. U are already taking steps to ensure healthy diet, some fresh corn will not hurt you or your liver. I had some last night! enjoy.
Not bad.... Continue with your progression. Don't stop your life, just with moderation. There is an old joke from doctor to patient: "sir, what works better in your life, working out 1 hour a day or being dead 24 hours a day?".
Corn = NG. Corn is filled with a sugar named fructose. Frtuctose is metabolized differently than other sugars in that it must first be stored as triglycerides prior to being burned as energy. This metabolic process will contribute to fatty liver. My recommendation to you is to not eat any corn, severely cut back on all sugars and other carbohydates. This will not only help your liver, but help you lose wt.