Experiencing knees pain and lower back pain two months after C-section delivery. What could be the cause and how to remedy it?

Exercise. After pregnancy, your body has to regain its "sea legs, "again. There was a change in your pelvis during pregnancy and your center of gravity that may have affected the mechanics of your knees in terms of the patellae or kneecaps as well as your back. Rarely, an autoimmune response can be triggered by your pregnancy. Start exercising when cleared to do so to avoid an incisional hernia .
Most likely not . Related.Cesarean section is considered relatively safe. It does, however, pose a higher risk of some complications than does a vaginal delivery. Have your family run some to see if you have any form of arthritis.

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If back pain and. knee pains, then you may have different issues. Back pain can come from musculoskeletal stiffness, or degenerative disk disease with spine problems. Knee pains on the other hand often mean there is swelling with the joint or ligaments within the joint. Or osteoarthritis. Please see a healthcare provider before you take medications just to relieve. Read more...