Have sharp pains in the ankle and arch of my foot?

? Plantar Fasciaitis. You may well be describing a condition called plantar fasciaitis. This is usually worse the first thing in the morning with the first steps. Heel pain and pain in the arch can be signs of this. Stretching the foot out is the answer. Google it! otherwise, see your pcp or see an orthopedist or foot and ankle specialist and get a good evaluation. There may be other issues at hand (or foot?)!
Which came. First? It is possible one caused the other. Posterior tibial dysfunction can cause both simultaneously, as can tarsal tunnel syndrome. Look and see if you pronate excessively (arch lowers while standing) if it does then wear an arch support or orthotic.) if pain persists see podiatrist.
Nerve pain. You may have swelling around the posterir tibial nerve causing pain starting in the ankle and radiating to the foot.