Is there a connection between optic nerve atrophy and pseudotumor cerebri?

Increase pressure. When spinal fluid pressure increase it compromise blood flow to the optic nerves.
Pseudo tumor cerebri. If papilledema of the optic nerves from pseudotumor cerebri goes untreated it will lead to vision loss and optic atrophy.

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Multiple suggestive MR signs of pseudotumor cerebri, including partially empty sella along mild ectatic dilatation of the optic nerves' sheaths means?

Specific syndrome. Pseudotumor cerebri with/without empty sella is a specific syndrome, which should be assessed with your MRI ordering physician. Please discuss this with your care team to have follow up with respect to following your clinical course including vision.

What to do if I have pseudotumor cerebri, a spinal fluid condition, it can and have affected my optic glands. It can cause?

Weight Loss. The best thing to do is lose weight. This can reduce the symptoms of pseudotumor. If this is unsuccessful you may need medication to reduce production of CSF (Acetazolamide). If you are having visual symptoms you may benefit from optic nerve fenestration orr more rarely a CSF shunt.

Does pseudotumor cerebri cause double vision out of one eye, or out of both eyes?

Affects both eyes. Biggest issue here is increased pressure causing loss of vision if not controlled adequately. The double vision is not so rare, and involves usually, dysconjugate eye movements due to cranial nerve malfunction secondary to pressure. Maybe only one side is involved, but will affect both sides. You could patch one eye to help. But contact your neurologist, as this needs to be addressed now.
Monocular diplopia. Can occur with pseudotumor. It is rare. Transmission of raised intracranial pressure forward through the CSF space surrounding the optic nerve can cause papilledema and this can sometimes cause a distortion in the shape of the retina that produces two images in part of the visual field from one eye. I saw my first case of this in 1989 as a neurology resident rotating through neuro-ophthalmology.
Pseudotumor cerebri. The usual cause for double vision in patients with Pseudotumor cerebri is from a sixth nerve palsy (inability to move one eye outward fully) which can be unilateral or bilateral.

Are there adverse effects of Plan B on pseudotumor cerebri?

Unknown. The cause of pseudotumor cerebri is uknown. It has been associated with implantable contraceptive devices, such as the Norplant and Mirena iud, which contain levonorgestrel. Plan b consists of a dose of Levonorgestrel to prevent pregnancy. There are not studies showing direct causation. Discuss with the clinicians taking care of the condition before using this medication.

How can you lose weight the fastest to put the pseudotumor cerebri in remission?

Life Style Change. I tell all my pseudotumor patients that this is a wake up call. You need to change your lifestyle. Change your mentality. Reset your thermostat! You need to cut down on how much you each, what quality food you eat, how much your spend (exercise) and how you change your mentality to avoid your addictions (fat, chocolate. ..). It's tough, but what you are currently doing ain't workin!

I have pseudotumor cerebri and my opthalmologist wants me to have a spinal tap done. Is there any other way he could diagnose it without spinal tap?

No. You really cannot be diagnosed with pseudotumor cerebri without having this done. Until then, it is just suspected.
Pseudotumor cerebri. The only direct way to document that the spinal fluid pressure is too high is with a spinal tap. There are indirect ways to diagnose high spinal fluid pressure based on radiological features seen on an MRI scan of the brain and by documenting that papilledema is present.