Panic and anxiety w/o depression why do I get them tried phsyco therepy and doctors and medicine every time I have something wrong infection or ill?

Anxiety/panic. Stress releases Adrenalin to "fight or flee"; if we can't do either, excess Adrenalin can create anxiety & panic. Sometimes exercise can "burn off" the excess Adrenalin & prevent/ lessen anxiety. Stress management is important: exercise, meditation, music, tai chi, yoga, hobby to divert attention away from worries & stress. Therapy & meds can further help.
Find the right Dr. Research demonstrates that 85% of what makes psychotherapy work is how do you feel about the psychologist. If you feel that they know what they are talking about and care about you, you'll get better about 85% of the time regardless of treatment type. Find a Dr that is the best fit for you; then you'll learn why you experience panic and anxiety.