Is skin cancer genetic?

Yes, some melanomas. There are genes for melanoma amd a family tendency to melanoma foramation so family members of patients with melanoma are urgerd to be crewed. There is also rare form of aggressive basal cell carcinoma that has a genetic marker.
In part, YES. There can be a family/genetic component to many cancers including skin cancers. This should not be taken lightly. Sun exposure is another large risk factor for skin cancer. The two together can be very dangerous. If you have a strong family history, lots of sun exposure, or any enlarging skin lesions, be evaluated by your local doctor and/or dermatologist.
Yes, partly. Like most cancer, skin cancer has a genetic component. There are many risk factors for skin cancer but the two greatest ones are genetics and sun exposure. Having fair skin is also a risk factor. Some people may sunburn excessively and never develop a skin cancer while others may get little sun exposure and still end up with a skin cancer. No one is totally immune. Can develop in any race.
Skin cancer genetics. Some skin cancers may be genetic but many are related to prior sun exposure as a child. Your skin type, is instrumental in your defense or how much damage is involved as fair skin has more risk of devleoping cancer from sun exposure.
Sometimes. The vast majority of skin cancers are due to sun exposure and uv light. There are some inherited syndromes that predispose people to skin cancers but they are fairly rare.

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Can you tell me is skin cancer genetic?

Not usually. There are several described inheritable genetic disorders that cause predisposition to skin cancers, but the vast majority of skin cancers arise spontaneously. Fair skin color and blonde or red hair are inherited and increase the risk of developing skin cancer, as do certain behaviors (sun tanning) which may be passed down thru a family. Geographic location will also affect sun exposure. Read more...