Does male circumcision effective prevention against utis, hiv, and penile cancer?

To some extent. Circumcision protects babies from utis in first year of life but, unlikely later in life.C does prevent penile cancer 99.9%. Cancer of penis is extremely rare in jews + muslims, but also in men who can retract their foreskins and wash underneath. On a regular basis, ie have good hygiene.Many excellent, controlled studies fro africa prove conclusively that c reduces risk of HIV 50-70%. Hpv similar.
May reduce risk. Data on infant uti's in the 80's & 90's showed >90% of affected boys were uncircumcised. Much of this data was available because the infants were hospitalized. Some studies suggest a lower risk but not prevention of std's or aids. Carcinoma of the foreskin will not occur if it is removed, but the skin of the shaft remains available for cancerous change.The risk may be reduced but never eliminated.

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Does being circumcised make it less likely that i'll get a uti, hiv, and penile cancer?

Yes. Protection provided by circumcision from developing penile cancer has been well established. Circumcised male infants have much less chance to develop UTI only during the first year of life. The protection against getting infected with HIV is only modest. Read more...
Cancer yes, UTI no. Circumcision makes you 99.9% unlikely to get penile cancer. Utis in man are not very common until you reach the age when your prostate gland starts to enlarge, usually late 70s -70s. Likelihood for getting HIV is probably lower, it certainly was in large clinical trials in africa. Chances will be about nil if your partner/s are HIV negative. Read more...