Man 47 spent 5 days in cardiac icu reno heart and sierra nevada cardiology diagnosed takosubo syndrome its been 2 weeks now and still in severe pain all tests said damage to heart when will he feel better?

Soon. Sounds like you have already talked with cardiologist who should have given you this information. Takotsubo cm resolves on its own over about 1 month once initiating factors are resolved. Typical treatment does not include pain control per se, but should be considered as a way to decrease catecholamine release. Please discuss with your doc..
Unknown. Moist patientes imporved within 4-6 weeks of diagnosis. However, some may take longer. Important to minimize stress and keep follow up appointments as scheduled.
Takosubo's syndrome. This is a stress mediated cardiomyopathy that mimics a heart attack. It is reversible and treated with beta blockers. The recovery time is variable but generally when heart function returns to normal so does the patient.