Is liposarcoma a fatal cancer?

Sometimes. Liposarcoma is a cancer that arises out of the fat cells - often in an extremity. It is usually treated with surgery and radiation. High grade cancers also are treated with chemotherapy. Curability of the cancer is dependent on whether it has spread before treatment (metastasized) or if it high grade under the microscope. This usually means that the cancer is more aggressive.
Liposarcoma. Not at all. Liposarcoma prognosis is reported based on disease subtype. Five-year disease specific survival rates (chances of not dying from cancer-related causes) are as follows: 100% in well-differentiated liposarcoma, 88% in myxoid liposarcoma, and 56% in pleomorphic liposarcoma. Ten-year survival rates are 87% in well-differentiated liposarcoma, 76% in myxoid liposarcoma and 39% in pleo.