I've heard basically a 22 yr olds chance of colon cancer is pretty much nil is this true? If so why? I only have a poor appetite thats not a specific symptom of colon cancer right? Please explain in detail

You need a workup! Colon cancer is rare indeed at age 22. So you need an evaluation for your poor appetite--many possibilities, would depend on a physical exam and other heath history. This sounds like a situation where you need a f2f visit!
You are right. Colon cancer is indeed rare in the young and is most common for those over age 50 , therefore that is the time most screening starts. However colon cancer can occur in young people(late teens) but they usually have a strong family history (familial polyposis, hereditary non-polyposis colon cancer). A well functioning immune/tumor survellence system keeps the mutated cells at bay in the young.