Is diffused b cell lymphoma genetic?

Not really. While there may be a genetic suscepibiltiy to developing lymphoma it is not truly a genetic disease.
No. Diffuse is distinguished from nodular. There are small cell and large cell varieties. They carry an antigen that can be marged with a cd-20 immunohistochemistry. They are of unknown cause; not hereditary.

Related Questions

What is diffused b cell lymphoma?

Aggressive lymphoma. This is a type which is usually aggressive and can present at an advanced stage. Fortunately, the majority do respond well to modern chemotherapy regimens. A significant number relapse and require more therapy/ transplant.
Most common lymphoma. Diffuse large b cell lymphoma is the most common subtype of non-hodgkin's lymphoma. It usually presents in the lymph nodes but can present in any organ in the body. It is treated predominantly with the chemotherapy drugs rchop. In many patients it is completely curable with this chemotherapy regimen.

What is badly diffused b cell lymphoma?

Not a common term. Diffuse b cell lymphoma is by definition an aggressive lymphoma which has the ability to spread rapidly if not treated. It is a "bad actor". I assume this term may be referring to a lymphoma that has already spread a good deal before being diagnosed. Even so, these lymphomas are often treatable and can be cured in the majority of cases.
??? I don't know where the "badly" comes in. Diffuse large b-cell lymphoma is the most common type of non-hodgkin's lymphoma (nhl).

Treatment options for diffuse large b-cell lymphoma?

R-CHOP. The most common regimen is r-chop (rituximab, cytoxan, adriamycin, (doxorubicin) vincristine, prednisone). Other options are epoch-r, a clinical trial. There are several regimens, but the most common regimen is r-chop. It also varies on the stage of the disease. Hope this helps.

How quickly should treatment start for diffuse large b cell lymphoma?

Fairly quickly. This is a very fast growing disease which in most cases has already caused some damage before it is discovered. It is important to quickly stage the disease and then begin treatment. Your oncologist will know how much time can pass before you start treatment. Everyone is different in this respect and sometimes life's issues (graduations, weddings) can be worked around. And sometimes not.

What is the rate of survival of a diffuse b-cell lymphoma?

It is quite good. These are fast growing lymphomas that respond well to modern chemotherapy. Your doctor can tell you what risk category you fall into based on your age and several aspects of your tumor which include it's stage at presentation. Outside of this, staying on time with chemotherapy and not having to reduce the intended dose lead to the highest cure rates. The majority of patients can be cured.
No simple answer. But most studies say that with early detection and effective treatment 50-60% are curable. See your doctor.
See below... The prognosis depends heavily on the international prognostic index (ipi). Treatment with Rituximab in the modern era significantly improved the prognosis. The overall 5 year survival rate in the absence of high risk factors is probably around 60-70%.

Do diffused large b cell lymphoma patients show symptoms of mental abnormalities?

Maybe. In general we don't think of diffuse large b cell lymphoma (dlbcl) effecting brain function. However, many patients tell us of symptoms of a "fog" like feeling either before treatment (disease-related?) or after ("chemobrain"). Reasons are likely multifactorial and can include stress, financial concerns, depression, and disease biology. This is being actively studied by a variety of groups.
Maybe. I am not an oncologist, but any chronic disease can lead to symptoms of depression and anxiety. If there are cancer lesions in the brain, this could also create issues. You should discuss this with your primary care doctor or your oncologist.

Can agent orange cause diffuse large b cell lymphoma?

No one knows. Certainly some other cancers have been linked but as far as I know there is no direct linkage. On the other hand, herbicides have had an association with lymphoma and myeloma and agent orange is a "super herbicide". It is always hard to show a direct linkage.
It is associated. Lymphomas are on the list of cancers associated with agent orange. Veterans exposed to agent orange who develop lymphomas are eligible for benefits from the va.

My grand father (79 years) has been diagnosised with diffuse large "b" cell lymphoma, high grade. Please tell me this is which stage. Thnks.

More information? Stage depends on location for non-hodgkin's lymphoma. How many lymph node groups were involved, where exactly they were located. Your doctor should be able to tell you the stage.

Can aleve (naproxen) pm cause diffuse large b-cell lymphoma?

No. We can only guess what causes diffuse large b-cell lymphoma, but we know there are at least 3 genetic subtypes. See: http://www. Bloodjournal. Org/content/105/5/1851 This implies gene mutations are very important in this disease, as in most (if not all) blood borne malignancies. As far as anyone knows, Aleve (naproxen) PM (or any drug like it) does not cause genetic mutation or clearly increase cancer risk.