How long does it take to recover from neck surgery?

Depends what surgery. Most of the common neck surgery require very brief time to recover , will go home same day or next day some like radical neck resection, laryngectomy ( removal of voice box ) will take wks even months as they require extensive post op rehabilitation, like voice training stomal care etc .
Depends. There are many different types of surgery on the neck. In one of the more common spinal surgeries on the neck, known as an acdf the recovery is fairly quick. It is usually done as an outpatient or overnight stay with most patient doing well by 10-14 days. But they do have to be careful for about 6-8 weeks. Thank you for your question.
Depends on surgery. Neck surgery can mean something minor like removing a small cyst, to something very major like removing a complicated cancerous tumor in the neck. So, the time to recovery can range from a couple weeks to several months. Furthermore, patients who are ill with other conditions take longer to recover, while young and healthy patients recover a lot faster.