Is colon cancer curable?

Yes. Yes. Many people are cured with colon cancer. If found early surgery alone may be curable. If more advanced (eg, lymph node involvement or metastatic = spread to areas outside of colon), then chemotherapy may be needed. While less likely, even a few % of people with metastatic colon ca may be cured.
Definitely. Curability depends on the stage. For early cancers (stage 1 and 2), cures are seen in most patients (> 70-80%). In regionally spread cancers (stage 3), up to 40-70% of patient can be cured. Even some patients with stage 4 cancer can have long periods of survival (more than 5 years).
Yes. The vast majority of colon cancers are curable if found early and tested appropriately. Start with a colonoscopy.

Related Questions

Is colon cancer stage 3b pt4a pn1c, no lymph nodes involvement curable?

Yes. Stage 3b usually means lymph nodes are involved, so I think your information might not be entirely accurate. However, even stage 3b colon cancer can be treated with surgery and chemotherapy and the chances of cure are good.
Discussion needed. Stage iii colon cancer does have a well defined 5-year survival rate with appropriate chemotherapy. However the chances that there is tumor spread are there, and close follow up needs to be done. These are all discussion that should really be held with your surgeon or oncologist.

What stage colon cancer is it if 9 out of 16 lymph nodes involved and is it curable with chemotherapy?

Stage 3c. Distant metastasis has to be ruled-out because otherwise it will become stage 4.
Stage lll. In general, regional lymph node involvement is stage 3. There are subclassifications that occasionally change. Check the american cancer society website for colorectal cancer staging for the latest info. Sorry you or your family/friends have this, and best of luck with the treatment. Remember, statistics can help, but you are not a statistic, hence there is always hope.

For a stage iii-c colon cancer, can the chemotherapy considered curable? And is the chemo given for 6 months regional or systemic?

Yes. Stage iii-c colon cancer has a high chance of coming back due to the number of lymph nodes involved. That being said, there is a fighting chance of preventing recurrence with chemo so yes, it is still potentially curable. Chemo is usually systemic, a combo such as folfox (5fu, leucovorin, and oxaliplatin). Best to you.

If there is a met in a aortocaval node and 1 liver met for a colon cancer pt (primary already removed) wats best treatment and is this curable?

Yes. Both lesions must be completely resected. This should be followed by chemo such as FOLFOX. One can also send the tumor for chemosensitiation studies which can reveal the be therapeutic approach. Newer immunochemotherapy trials are now approved for recurrent tumor such as this but in a situation where chemo has failed.

Can this be colon cancer?

Not enough info. Colon cancer can present with or without symptoms. Common symptoms include change in stool caliber/consistency, rectal bleeding or blood with bm, abdominal pain, anemia. If you have not been screened, you should consider the various screening options for colon cancer, includine a stool test to check for blood, colonoscopy, or sigmoidoscopy. If you are having bleeding, you need a colonoscopy.

How to know if colon cancer?

MD. Colon cancer would be uncommon at your age but I suggest you talk to your family doctor to see if there is any reason (family history or personal history) to justify starting screening early or doing some diagnostic tests. Good for you to be aware but don't let this become an obsession. Best to you.
Get tested. There are many tests that have been developed to test either a patient with concerning symptoms or just as a routine screening exam in an a symptomatic patient. Each individual situation is different. Testing stool for blood or now genetic abnormalities, rectal exam, X-rays such as barium enema or ct scan virtual colonoscopy are examples. Best is colonoscopy as you can both look and do.

How is colon cancer diagnosed?

Colonoscopy. Ct scan, pet scan, rectal ultrasound may also be indicated.