Is bowel cancer genetic?

Sometimes. Some colon cancers are related to inheritable genetic mutations but the majority are not.
Some yes. Majority of bowel cancers are not genetic, but some are.

Related Questions

Could you tell me what are signs of bowel cancer?

Bowel issues. Depending upon where in the colon or bowler the cancer arises and how advancednitnis it can cause different sympts or none at all. This screening is very important with routine stool exams for blood and colonoscopies once 50yo in non high risk patients. Bright red blood can mean a lower colon or bowel problem, dark blood or stool can b due to upper colon or stomach issue. Pain/change in stool.

Is there a cure for bowel cancer?

Depends. Curing cancer of the intestinal tract depends on the type of cancer and the stage of cancer at diagnosis. Most early stage cancers of the intestine can be cured with surgical removal of the tumor with low recurrence rates.
Depending on stage. In general, all cancers are treated according to the stage at presentation and the type of tissue involved. In general early stages may be curable. Unfortunately a large number of cancers, if not most of them, are found too late for cure. Cancer pts. Must discuss this with their cancer specialists. What type of cancer the pt. Has and at what stage is in.

What type of bacteria can lead to bowel cancer?

None. Bacteria have nothing to do with the development of colon cancer.
Colon Cancer. There is no direct evidence linking bacterial growth with colon cancer; risk factors traditionally include lack of fiber intake, high fat content in the diet, certain hereditary conditions and family history of the diseases. Some evidence suggests Aspirin can also reduce the risk of colon cancer. Ulcerative colitis and crohn's disease impart an increased risk of cancer.

Does constant constipation lead to bowel cancer?

No. Constipation does not cause bowel cancer. However, bowel cancer can often cause constipation, so any change in your bowel habits should prompt a discussion with your doctor, urgently if there is any bleeding.
No. It can lead to other issues with the colon such as malabsorption, ectasia, and dysfunctional peristalsis.

Can you consume alcohol if you have bowel cancer?

Best to abstain. These types of questions are always hard to answer: on the one hand, you are asking a physician to endorse the use of a known toxin associated with increased risks of colon cancer as well as many other diseases; on the other hand, one drink on an occasional basis will probably have no detrimental effect. Like any vice, I would like to say "no", but realistically can say "in moderation".
Wrong answer. This answer is ludicrous. There is little if any connection to colon cancer and alcohol. If someone has liver mets or on chemo, that is different.

How does bowel cancer damage the digestive system?

Obstruction. The main function of the large intestine is to absorb water to convert the liquid digestive by-products into a solid form. This physiologic function is essentially unaffected by a cancer. However, as the cancer grows, it may obstruct the intestine, leading to pain, bloating, and (rarely) rupture. Furthermore, these tumors often bleed, leading to anemia, which can make one feel tired and weak.
Need more info. In order to be able to comment on prognosis, it's important to have some more information. What type of cancer (adenocarcinoma versus neuroendocrine)? Where within the small bowel is it located? Has it spread to other organs? Can it be removed completely with an operation? Small tumors that have not spread often have a good prognosis, but talk to your doctor to find out about your case.