If kidney cancer runs in my family, what kind of screening do I need?

None. There are no accepted screening tools for kidney cancer. If you have a strong family history, you could get a baseline renal ultrasound done.
Possibly genetics. Although there is no direct blood screening test for kidney cancer, some kidney cancers have an inheritable genetic basis. It may be worthwhile having a geneticist look at your family tree and the types of kidney cancers that have afflicted your family to see if further genetic testing is appropriate.

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My father had kidney cancer. What sort of screening do I need?

Not frequently. It depends on what age he developed the cancer and whether he carried any medical conditions that predisposd him to getting cancer. For example, patients with end-stage kidney disease (those requiring dialysis) or patients diagnosed with von hippel-lindaua disease may need to be monitored by ultrasound more frequently. Read more...
No clear guidelines. An ultrasound would be a good cheap no radiation test... Read more...