How quickly should treatment start for diffuse large b cell lymphoma?

Fairly quickly. This is a very fast growing disease which in most cases has already caused some damage before it is discovered. It is important to quickly stage the disease and then begin treatment. Your oncologist will know how much time can pass before you start treatment. Everyone is different in this respect and sometimes life's issues (graduations, weddings) can be worked around..And sometimes not.

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Treatment options for diffuse large b-cell lymphoma?

R-CHOP. The most common regimen is r-chop (rituximab, cytoxan, adriamycin, (doxorubicin) vincristine, prednisone). Other options are epoch-r, a clinical trial. There are several regimens, but the most common regimen is r-chop. It also varies on the stage of the disease. Hope this helps. Read more...

How quick should treatment start for large b cell lymphoma?

As soon as possuble. This is usually a very cellular and rapidly expanding neoplasm. Treatment can ususlly result in rapid response but the patient must be monitored closely for development of tumor lysis syndrome. Read more...