How much protein per day should a kidney cancer survivor consume?

Depends of function . Amount of protein in diet in pure terms of Kidney disease depends on degree of kidney function. Severe protein restriction is not recommended. .
Depends. It is prudent to decrease protein intake rspecially if 1 kidney. The average person needs between 40-65 gm of protein/day. This is based on body size & health status. The 5 stages of ckd are defined by the glomerular filtration rate (gfr), a measure of how much blood the kidneys are able to filter ot overall kidney function. In stages 1-3 of ckd, limit protein to 12-15% of your calories/day.
Protein intake. There is no set limit or recommendation or restriction for protein intake. Just eat healthy balance diet.

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Should a kidney cancer survivor have routine yearly tests that include CT scans of the lungs?

Not necessarily. Depending on the stage and grade of kidney cancer, some patients may require ct scan of lungs. For many patients, yearly chest x-ray for the first 5 years may be sufficient. Read more...