How is kidney cancer different for a diabetic?

Kidney function. Patients with diabetes are at greater risk for losing renal function and possibly needing dialysis. So, a diabetic patient with a kidney cancer may need to have more consideration for a partial nephrectomy for a kidney cancer. This is wheer only the tumor and a surrounding rim of normal tissue are removed frm the kidyney. Your urologist would determine the best and safets approach.
No diff. Not different. But some medication used to tx kidney cancer can cause problems with blood sugar control in diabetics.

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68yr old man diabetic with kidney cancer wha is going to happen?

Hard to say. Sorry your friend is so sick! The prognosis for cancer depends on the type of the cancer, the stage it is at the time of diagnosis, the treatment (or not) that is used, and the overall health of the individual. Having diabetes complicates treatment more than if this was not present. Write down a list of questions to ask the doc. Write down the answers too, to be able to study later. Ask many! Read more...