How fast does a spindle cell sarcoma grow?

Lots of variety. The term "spindle cell" sarcoma is a generic descriptive term that doesn't really give enough information. It would be like asking, "i saw a convertible, how fast can it go?" additional testing often reveals exactly what kind of sarcoma, and then once you know that, you can more accurately discuss the prognosis and the treatment.
Not a diagnosis. This is not a diagnosis commonly used and you should have your pathology checked by an expert. I am an MD Anderson trained pathologist with expertise in sarcoma. Please contact if you a free opinion [email protected]
Depends. It truly depends. Some spindle cell sarcomas can have much more aggressive growth doubling in several weeks to a month or two. Some spindle cell sarcomas can be more indolent doubling in size in three to 6 months.

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Help please! Is chemotherapy effective on high grade spindle cell sarcoma?

Yes it often is. Spindle cell cancers are often called sarcomas. They can arise either in the soft tissues or in the bones. Ask your doctor what is the name of your cancer? If it is a sarcoma, chemotherapy is useful in about half of the cases, often it is used in conjunction with surgery and radiotherapy. Read more...

I wanted to know is chemotherapy effective on high grade spindle cell sarcoma?

Some help. High grade spindle cell sarcomas are aggressive and every effort to remove the primary, control the surgical site if larger than 10 cm with RT should be made. If metastatic foci are noted surgical resection can also benefit as seen with lung mets. Primary treatment with drugs like Ifosfamide and platinum may help but primary removal is most important. Read more...