How can I address liver scarring and cirrhosis?

Live healthy. The liver has an amazing ability to regenerate itself if further damage is not done. If you have infectious hepatitis, see your doctor for possible medical treatments. If you are not a candidate for these, avoid liver toxins such as alcohol, paint fumes and tylenol (acetaminophen). Keep hydrated and eat properly. You may need special vitamens and supplements to maintain health so see your nutritionist.
Limit damage. Cirrhoisis is essentially the end product of chronic liver damage. Although it may be due to a variety of causes, it is most commonly related to alcohol.

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Is there anything that can mimic cirrhosis symptoms? Fibroscan and biopsy was negative for liver scarring

Liver cirrhosis. Cirrhosis of the liver has a large number of symptoms, many of which occur in other ailments. Severe swelling occurs also in heart failure & certain kidney diseases, itching occurs with allergy, jaundice can occur with hemolysis (breaking of red blood cells within blood stream), confusion has a large number of causes. Many other symptoms also exist for cirrhosis. Read more...