How does radio immunotherapy feel?

Varied side effects. Radioimmunotherapy such as zevalin or Bexxar (tositumomab) can have multiple side effects: infusion reactions such as fevers, rigors, blood pressure changes, shortness of breath can occur. Serious side effects include low blood counts (fatigue, infections), new blood cancers, skin reactions, impaired fertility.
No symptoms. Medical treatment with radioimmunotherapy uses radioactive materials of low intensity that you cannot feel. Other than the injection there will be no pain at all.
Just an update to. excellent response by Dr. Rathore- Bexxar (tositumomab) (Tositumomab) was discontinued in February 2014 because of lack of sales.
Radioimmunotherapy. It is delivered intravenously or through a "port" and you do not feel anything unusual.