What do you do if you have blood clots in the leg?

Get help Immediately. This is a dangerous situation which needs immediate care. You will need bed rest, Heparin followed up with oral anti-coagulant medications. How do you know you have blood clots? Was it diagnosed by a physician?
Blood thiners. If this blood clot is is a deep vein, treatment would consist of anticoagulation with 3-6 months of blood thinners. I would also strongly recommend the use of compression stockings to prevent future problems. A physician also needs to try to determine if this was a "provoked" or "unprovoked" dvt. If there was no obvious cause then further work up maybe needed.

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What are the signs of blood clots in the leg?

Swelling and redness. Some people with blood clots in leg have no symptoms. Some common symptoms are a dull ache, redness, warmth, and swelling. If you have questions, see your doctor. Blood clots in this area can move up the leg and cause other complications. Read more...

Why same peaple are more prone to getting blood clots in the leg?

Multiple factors. Blood clots form when flow of blood is abnormal, lining of blood vessels is damaged and blood becomes easily clottable. Some of these factors are inherited, other are acquired. Among the acquired factors, the important ones are obesity, smoking, birth control pills and lack of activity. Read more...