What could be causing joint pain in foot?

Too vague. Please reask maybe tell us which joint you are talking about.
Several things.... Can cause this. Injury, arthritis, gout and infection immediately come to mind. See a podiatrist.

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Can hormonal changes after having a baby cause me to have joint pain in the fingers, knees, and feet? The finger pain started a month after ihad myson

Possibly. Pregnancy brings about a lot of body changes. One of these is a relaxing hormone that helps the pelvis stretch for the delivery. This can cause some other areas to stretch and become painful. Taking care of a new baby can put a lot of stress on areas that you haven't used much before. Pregnancy sometimes brings out an underlying arthritis problem. If this keeps up get it checked out. Read more...

Physio says SI joint pain can cause nerve pain down leg and be reason for my pins n needles it foot, doc says pain doesn't go below knee, who's right?

SI joint pain & nerv. Normally SI joint pain does not radiate to the foot. I would not generally guess that SI joint pain and nerve dysfunction occurred together. http://www.spine-health.com/conditions/sacroiliac-joint-dysfunction/sacroiliac-joint-dysfunction-si-joint-pain. Read more...