Is it possible for corticosteroid shots (like kenalog (triamcinolone) or prednisone) cause cancer?

Oral Steroids. Oral steroids, more often than not, tend to be anti-tumor and are actually used quite frequently in chemotherapy regimens. Anabolic steroids used for nefarious means can lead to cysts and/or tumors, most often on the liver. Usually the doses and uses of Anabolic steroids are significantly higher than the medications of which you speak. And are often obtained in illegal ways increasing there danger.

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How dangerous are corticosteroid injections like kenalog (triamcinolone) or prednisone?

Low risk. Infrequent corticosteroid injections are quite safe. Infrequent injections will not cause significant growth effects in children or contribute to decreased bone mass or immune function or increase the risk of weight gain or cataracts. A one in a million risk is hip or knee joint damage. The watch word here is infrequent. Read more...