How can I increase my milk supply?

Empty breasts fully. If you are able to empty your breasts with each feeding or follow each feeding with pumping to release the final milk, your body will continue to increase milk production. Keep yourself well hydrated and nourished at all times and nurse frequently.
Lots of ways. Drinking plenty of fluids and trying not to stress about not having enough milk helps the most! You can also try teas with fenugreek or milk thistle. If you have a breast pump, pumping after your baby nurses also helps.

Related Questions

How can I increase my milk supply as fast as possible?

Frequent feedings. Putting the infant to breast is the fastest and most reliable way to make milk. Drink plenty of fluids and put infant to breast every 2-3 hrs. We in America are too used to fast-foods. It takes time for your milk to come in. Be patient. Not against supplementing w/ formula if necessary for short time.

My two week old baby drinks 4 ounces of breast milk every two hours I can only make 2 ounces. How can I increase my milk supply?

Increased lacation. You can increase your milk supply by nursing or pumping more frequently, staying well hydrated and rested, and by supplementing your diet with the herb fenugreek. However, four ounces per feeding is excessive intake for a neonate. Occassionally babies over eat because they have silent reflux.

How can I increase my breast milk supply?

Pump or nurse more. Increasing milk supply is a classic supply vs demand. If you are also giving formula to your baby, and not nursing or pumping regularly, your milk supply will adjust accordingly. When you nurse or pump, make sure you are relaxed and comfortable and drink plenty of water.

How can I increase my breast milk supply, having 2 months baby, my milk not sufficient already taking leptaden, no use. Please help. Prefer to bf?

Fenugreek. There are several herbal supplements that supposedly help with milk supply, including fenugreek, brewers yeast, and milk thistle to name a few. Double pumping (both breasts at once) after nursing can be very effective. In the us, there is a prescription medication called "reglan" that has also been used off-label for this purpose. In other countries, "domperidone" is used.

How can I increase my breast milk supply after giving birth?

Keep going! Though your milk supply may take a few days to come in fully, keep pumping and breast feeding every 2-3 hours! It will come! The first portion of breast milk will be colostrum. While not as much in a amount as regular breast milk, it has a higher concentration of nutrients that the child needs.