Does brain cancer cause depression?

Thiretically. A brain tumor can manifest itself with behavioral abnormalities.
Depression is common. Depression is a common condition in many types of cancer, not just "brain cancer." some cancers may produce substances that have effects directly on mood, or cancer treatments, pain, or financial or other social difficulties can contribute to depression in cancer as well. Cancer patients respond to medical treatment for depression--i hope you will speak with your doctor about this.
Brain tumor. Also, symptoms depend on location of the tumor. Also, depression can result from awareness of the diagnosis, the extent of the tumor, and medications used to treat it.
Any severe illness. Any severe, life-threatening or terminal illness can lead to depression as they struggle to come to grips with their new reality. This is why support is so vitally important to help these folks manage all of the emotions they are feeling, along with just the physical symptoms and limitations that may come with the illness. A health psychologist can help you through the process of learning to cope.
Very rare. I am aware of a patient who had no symptoms except for depression, for 3 months, no neurological changes. When medication did not work, a MRI was ordered and the patient had a glioblastoma. Most patients will have other symptoms related to senses, nerve functioning, pain, and other symptoms that lead to MRI and diagnosis.

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Can brain cancer cause these symptoms? Depression/poor memory/balance problems/dizzy/severe fatigue/body jerks/weakness/head pressure

Yes. Yes it can, not specifically tho. Brain mass causes different symptoms based on where its located.

Horrible fear of brain tumor and esophageal cancer for 2 months. Psychiatrist said I have GAD and severe depression. Have dysphagia, memory trouble etc?

Medical phobias & GAD. Keep w/psychiatrist but add a thorough physical exam by your doc. Also make sure you are getting psychotherapy, not only medication. Peace and good health. Integrative health care has potential for best outcome.
All of these. Symptoms can ball into one. Your extreme fear of having medical disorders, generalized anxiety & depression could all be addressed with cognitive behavioral therapy. If you are not in therapy now - strongly recommend it.

Can aspartame cause brain cancer?

Aspartame. It is a controversial subject but fda has cleared aspartame after looking at the evidence. Some people still strongly believe that there is a causal association between aspartame and giomas.
No. Are you getting your medical information from friends or the internet? If so, stop listening to or reading those sources of misinformation and blatant lies? Do you really think that something like aspartame would still be on the market if that were true. You're too old to fall for that stuff!

Is brain cancer caused by a virus?

Brain cancer... Occurs more frequently in hiv-infected individuals, but most types of brain cancer have not been definitely tied to viruses.
Only uncommon kind. Primary CNS lymphoma has an association with epstein barr virus but other primary brain cancers have not yet been proven to be caused by a precedent viral event at this current time.

Can long-term OCD cause brain cancer?

No. It's terrible to be trapped in your own brain with thoughts like this one. See about both medication and cognitive-behavioral therapy. You're almost an adult. OCD is very common and manageable nowadays.
No, unless there. Already is cancer on-board causing the OCD. This is unlikely because you have long-term OCD and the cancer would have grown over time, causing other symptoms. This sounds like a job for a psychologist. CBT is very helpful these days, as are some of the newer meds (that's a job for a psychiatrist). Here's a reference on anxiety: http://www. Psychologyproductsandservices. Com/page2.html.

Can you tell me if cell phones cause brain cancer/tumors?

No. Somebody may tell you this is "still under study", but this pathologist thinks the idea is just wrong. No theoretical mechanism. You can find that anything causes anything if you do a bad study or ask the wrong questions, especially retrospectively. In one big study, the tumors were more common on the side opposite the cell phone. Stop worrying and enjoy the benefits of today's technology.

Do cell phones really cause brain cancer, or is that a myth?

No, not really! It is simply a rumor...If it did the cells phones would have been off the market by now!
No. The pop claim that they do is based on scientific illiteracy -- the radiation they produce isn't the ionizing kind that causes cancer, it's the low-energy stuff that's also emitted by a pet kitten. Unfortunately, when politics and fearmongering start, it's easy to do a bad epidemiologic study & scare people -- one had more of the cancers on the opposite side from the phone. It's dumb.

Can very frequent headaches during the last year be caused by brain cancer?

Headaches Persistant. Nope. Not usually. Especially given the time frame you mention. The most common reasons for persistent headaches are: rebound headaches caused by too much headache medicine. Eye strain caused by out dated eyeglass prescription. Stress. And, dehydration from a variety of reasons. If you have been taking a lot of pain medication for the headache you very well may have rebound headaches.
RATHER UNLIKELY. Could be migraine headaches, but may have dental, sinus, jaw triggers, and even problems secondary to your meds or foods ingested. Although many people fear that head pain is due to a brain tumor, this is really quite rare, and unusual in your age group.

Does strattera (atomoxetine) change how the brain looks or works? Does it cause brain cancer

Strattera (atomoxetine) Strattera (atomoxetine) alters the brain's concentration of Dopamine and nor epinephrin, while it is active. This improves focus, attention and the ability to get more work done. It does not cause cancer.
Yes/no. Strattera (atomoxetine) does change how the brain works-it alters neurochemicals to help the part of the brain responsible for attention/focus work better. There are no reports of it causing brain cancer.