Can you have an abortion with ovarian cysts?

Yes. Ovarian cysts are typically benign and don't interfere with pregnancy or abortion. Your doctor may elect to keep an eye on the cysts with follow up ultrasound.
Abortion. If your cyst is not producing any symptoms, a termination of pregnancy can usually be done. Most cyts in pregnancy are benign and self-limited.

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Can an ovarian cyst be removed during a surgical abortion?

Ovarian cyst. An ovarian cyst could not be removed during a surgical abortion. Removal of an ovarian cyst, should it be necessary, would require a laproscopic procedure that would be done via small incisions through the skin of the abdomen. Read more...

Does abortions cause cancer? Does ovarian cyst cause cancer?

No. To both. Most "abortions" are natural events due to "blighted fetus" concept. Optional abortions may cause issues of non-biologic nature, but cancer is not one. Ovcysts are very common, and of no oncogenic consequence. Read more...