Can you get ovarian cysts after a tubal ligation?

Yes, but. Yes you can although they are almost never related to each other.
Yes. Your ovaries are still fining after a tubal ligation. Cysts will come and go and are part of the normal cycle.

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Postablative syndrome- tubal ligation 17yrs ago. History of ovarian cyst. 2 ablations 4&8yrs ago. Should I get total or partial hyster 45yrs old?

Depends. If you have a family history of ovarian cancer then you should consider having your ovaries removed. If you have menopause symptoms, recurrent cysts or other problems related to your ovaries then you may consider removing your ovaries. This would cause menopause and likely cause some symptoms. Need to have a detailed discussion with your doctor to help you decide what is best. Read more...

I was at the Dr. Today for multiple ovarian cysts on both ovaries and the Dr. Talked about tubal ligation as relief for the pain why?

PCOD. You have PCOD. Tubal ligation is for birth role in pain. Hormonal pills, pregnancy, Metfomin will help resolve cysts......there by pain. You will need pain control in the mean time. Your age parity status will clarify further. Read more...

If you've had a tubal ligation (cut and burnt) then develop a fimbrial cyst. Will the cyst be reoccurances and could it be corrected with a reversal

No need for concern. If you have no pelvic /abdominal pains or other troublesome symptoms, there's no real need for concern. Practically all "fimbrial cysts" or peritoneal, paratubal paraovarian inclusion cysts are benign and require no surgical removal unless they cause symptoms. Read more...