Can you consume alcohol if you have bowel cancer?

Best to abstain. These types of questions are always hard to answer: on the one hand, you are asking a physician to endorse the use of a known toxin associated with increased risks of colon cancer as well as many other diseases; on the other hand, one drink on an occasional basis will probably have no detrimental effect. Like any vice, I would like to say "no", but realistically can say "in moderation".
Wrong answer. This answer is ludicrous. There is little if any connection to colon cancer and alcohol. If someone has liver mets or on chemo, that is different.

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Please tell me, could colon cancer be caused by over alcohol use?

Yes. Both alcohol and tobacco are associated with a number of gastrointestinal cancers including colon cancer. However, almost all colon cancer starts in polyps, and colonscopy can detect and remove them. See your doctor and discuss with him/her, and if you are drinking to excess, get help with stopping/reducing. If there is a family history of colon cancer, you are even more at risk.

Does drinking alcohol increase the risk of bowel cancer?

Yes. Alcohol use is associated with an increased risk of colorectal cancer. The exact mechanism is unknown, although it is speculated that acetaldehyde, which is produced by the interaction of alcohol and bacteria in our intestine, may be the culprit.
It may. There have been studies that show a relationship between alcohol consumption, particularly beers and wines, and rectal and colon cancers. The increase in risk is mild to modest, but it appears to be clearly there. Genetic factors also play a role, and I would particularly limit alcohol if you have a family history of colon cancer.

Is this normal? Enteritis found on ct with a lot of bowel inflammtion. Person not eaten since Wednesday and now too much weakness. Y not able to eat? Metastic colon cancer pt

Normal? With metastatic colon cancer, its hard to say what "normal" is. There are many, many factors that could cause bowel thickening seen in a ct scan. Best to discuss with the patient's health care team. Hope this helps!

Is this normal? Enteritis found on ct with a lot of bowel inflammtion. Person cannot eat at all plus sickness and vomitting. Fever on and off. Metastic colon cancer Pt who on chemotherpay

The chemotherapy. The chemotherapy is was causing most of the problems. If you could not keep yourself hydrated, then you might need to be hospitalized for adequate hydration and nutrition. Talk to your doctor.

Mom is having colon cancer surgery at age 63. How long before bowels move and she can eat?

No. She should be fasting until her bowels move /until she passes gass and positive bowel sound on examination. Then her doctor can start her on liquid diet and advance the diet as tolerated. Discuss with her surgeon.
Depends on recovery. After colon cancer surgery, most people are able to start an oral diet in 24-36 hours, are on a regular diet by postop day 4 or 5, and have a bowel movement by day 4 or 5 as well. Of course, there is a range of acceptable. Also, these approximate ranges can vary significantly in complicated situations. Best of luck to your mother; she has a good advocate in you.
Not long. All depends on the surgery but typically not long especially if done laparoscopically. Usually tolerating some PO in 3days.