Can skin cancer be found in the ear?

Yes. Sun damage is comon on the outer ear, and so skin cancers often occur there. However, skin cancers can occur in the ear as well. See your ENT for any suspicious lesions deep in the ears, especially if there are associated symptoms like pain, hearing trouble, ringing, or facial nerve weakness.
Yes. People may develop skin cancers wherever there is skin. The ears tend to be exposed to a fair amount of sun, so it is not unusual to find premalignant and malignant skin lesions on the ear.

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Will visit derm soon but scaly small bump on ear lobe for years. I remove it, it comes back. Same size, no other symptoms. Could this be skin cancer?

Bump on ear. Your dermatologist will. E able to examine you and if the lesion appears cancerous, it can be sent for biopsy.
Maybe. You give a good history for actinic keratosis, basal cell carcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma- none of which are likely to be very advanced, yet, by your description. A shave biopsy-which is quite simple, quick and involves only a moment of discomfort, should be done. Treatment might involve a surgical excision if it's a Ca. Trust that to an ABPS-certified plastic surgeon/ ASPS member.

I have recently noticed a mole on my ear, is it a sign of some skin problem or may be skin cancer?

Need more info. Hard to do dermatology without seeing the problem. Rule of thumb any growth anywhere on the body must be evaluated by a physician. Skin cancers are very sly and sometimes it takes a biopsy to determine what the growth is. Be proactive. Call your family physician for an appt.
Maybe. Most moles of course are harmless. Read about melanoma and look at pictures of melanoma to know some of the key distinguishing characteristics of a suspicious mole that needs to be removed.
New mole on ear. Any new mole should be examined by your doctor. Usually due to sun damage. The one we worry about the most is Melanoma, look for Asymmetry, Boarder irregularity, Color variation in the mole, Diameter > 1/4 ", Evolving or changing in size, shape, color, elevation, or another trait, or any new symptom such as bleeding, itching or crusting — points to danger. Basal cell most common open sores, red patches, pink growths, shiny bumps, or scars.
Dermatology Bx. Best to show it to your doc or dermatologist who can recommend biopsy or not. Most are not cancer, but superficial spreading melanoma often starts in a dysplastic nevus or mole. The ABCD's indicating possible cancer are assymetry, border irregularity, color change or more than one color, diameter, and elevation, itching or bleeding. Http://cancer. About. Com/od/skincancermelanoma/p/abcdeskincancer.
Not necessarily. Bonnie, you may develop moles during your lifetime. The two keys are to apply sunscreen, and keep an eye on it. If it changes size or shape, or the coloration changes, then get it checked out by your doctor. Hope this helps!

My husband has white lump on top of his ear one doctor said looks like skin cancer another dr said it nothing should we get another opinion?

Ear. It is a very common site for skin cancer, usually not the rapidly lethal kind, but should be excised soon. I would go with the first doctor and not take a vote.
Biopsy it. "When in doubt, cut it out! " If there is a question about a skin lesion, the safest approach is to perform a simple skin biopsy to get the answer. These are performed under local anesthesia with minimal scarring.

My father was recently diagnosed with skin cancer in his ears. Skin cancer runs in my family and I am starting to notist bumps inside my ear.

Skin. Bumps in the ear could turn out to be non cancerous. The key is to use sunscreen and have a dermatologist evaluate the area to render a proper diagnosis whether treatable skin cancer exists (possible but not common at 16) or not.

Can too much heat on head from dryers cause skin cancer?

NO. That will not cause skin cancer, but constant exposure to sun (actinic rays), insensitive individuals may result skin cancer, not occasional heat from deers.
No. Skin cancer (such as squamous cell, basal cell or melanoma) is mostly assocaited with uv light exposure from the sun or tanning bed. However, it can also occur independently of sun exposure. That said, there is no evidence that heat from dryers causes skin cancer of any type.

Have a red thing comin up on my for head is it skin cancer and it is starting to hurt work in sun all day and my grandpa also has had it

Skin cancer. It sounds as if this may be a type of skin cancer, likely a squamous cell or basal cell carcinoma, but it could also be a melanoma. Please see your doctor or a dermatologist to have it looked at and possibly biopsied or removed entirely.
Time to see your doc. It is time to see your friendly dermatologist.