Is it considered cosmetic surgery if I get my front teeth aligned?

Yes. For purposes of dental insurance, any thing done to enhance the smile in absence of decay or fracture is considered cosmetic and usually not covered. The only exception would be if you have orthodontic coverage.
More info needed. It´s not easy to answer that one. What will be done and how, and according to whom? Straightening teeth can be both for cosmetic and functional reasons. Cosmetic treatment may or may not involve surgery, such as orthognathic surgery. Is this for insurance coverage? An insurance plan may or may not cover specific procedures. I wish you gave us more information for a better answer.
Is it surgical? What is the means by which you are getting your teeth aligned? If it is braces/orthodontics alone, i would be less inclined to call it surgery, although it may be done for a cosmetic reason. If you are getting crowns or veneers purely for cosmetic reasons then yes its cosmetic, and could be considered surgery, depending on your definition of surgery. Sorry if that may sound vague.
Teeth alignment. I guess anything you do surgically to make your appearance better is considered cosmeticc
Yes. Cosmetic procedure. Yes. Surgery. No. If you are going the braces route, insurance may still pay for some of the cost.

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If I get my front teeth properly aligned, would that be cosmetic surgery?

Different. Cosmetic surgery refers to non-dental medical procedures. Reshaping teeth to camouflage them to look straighter is a surgical dental procedure, and requires a lifetime of restorative maintenance. Teeth can be aligned non-surgically with orthodontic treatment and require a lifetime of retention. I medical insurance does not cover dental procedures. You need dental insurance. Read more...