Can pituitary tumors cause cataracts?

Cataract. There is no clear association between pituitary tumor and cataract formation. A pituitary tumor may affect several hormone levels, which may in turn have adverse effects on different areas of the body.
Other vision issues. Pituitary tumors are not associated with cataracts. They can cause vision changes if they press on the optic pathways, classically causing decreases in the peripheral vision of both eyes.

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What causes a pituitary tumor that produces excess amounts of growth hormone?

Dumb luck. There are rare genetic syndromes, but most strike at random. It is nothing you or anybody else did. If you're a youngster or teen, it'll make you taller and make your face "unconventional" -- your choice; if you've reached your full growth, you owe it to yourself to have it managed by whatever means is best -- seek a couple of opinions. Good luck.

I have an 8mm pituitary tumor. Could it be the cause of problems with balance or vertigo?

Pituitary. Yes it could be a cause of concern but it would not surprise if the balance or vertigo is unrelated to the pituitary tumor. Hope all goes well - please keep me informed.

Would a pituitary tumor cause hormonal harm to a woman's body where she ends up needing a hysterectomy?

No, and yes. Pituitary tumors ordinarily won't interfere with a hysterectomy, unless dangerously large and need to be addressed first. So no, it won't cause harm with reference to the hysterectomy. However pituitary tumors can cause significant problems with vision, headaches, abnormal hormone levels, etc. This is a serious but separate problem. Seek consults from neurosurgery and endocrinology.

If you had an intradural, extramedullary tumor at L4 of uncertain type and a pituitary tumor that has caused years of diagnostic confusion and multiple conflicting opinions, would you get biopsies?

Yes. That's the only way to get answers for things like this. Get the biopsies and settle the issue.
Yes I would. Getting a biopsy done on this spinal tumor (or aim for complete excision, is possible) could help define the nature/type of this tumor and hence may also help in providing a reliable medical therapy in the future.

Could a pituitary tumor cause delayed cortisol response on acth stim test?

Definitely. If the tumor has destroyed the pituitary's ability to respond appropriately to hypothalamic cortisol releasing hormone, it can even lead to secondary adrenocortical insufficiency. Check w/your doctor.