Can mesothelioma lead to lung cancer?

Yes. Mesothelioma is actually a type of cancer; this cancer affects the lining of the lung and can be very difficult to treat. It usually occurs in smokers who have had asbestos exposure; sometimes the asbestos exposure may have occurred many years ago.
Mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is actually a type of cancer that affected the lining of the lung. It is highly associated with exposure of asbestos. If one is also a heavy smoker and have significant exposure to asbestos- not only he/she has a very significant risk for mesothelioma but also his/her risk for developing lung cancer will be very high.
Semantics for most. Meso - is a malignancy of the lining of the lungs, commonly assoicated with asbestos exposure, and linked to smoking too. Asbestos causes lung cancer and meso. Meso is daunting to overcome in the first place, and outcome highly dependent on cell type which can determine behavior. Treatment of meso is tough. I'd get through that more than worry about what is next.

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Does COPD always lead to lung cancer?

No. But it does increase the risk of lung cancer, both from the history of cigarette smoking, as well as the chronic inflammation from the copd.
No. COPD lumps the emphysema and chronic bronchitis as the destructive airway processes assocated with smoking. Those that have COPD have a higher risk of developing lung cancer than those that do not, with smoking issues aside. However, not everyone thathas COPD develops lung cancer; and not every lung cancer patient has or had copd.
No. Many patients with COPD get lung cancer because most of them were smokers. So, the common factor is smoking. Sometimes, people with lung cancer don't have copd, and most patients with COPD dont get lung cancer.
No. COPD and lung cancer are two totally different things but both are certainly tied to smoking. COPD doesn't lead to lung cancer, but quite often when someone is diagnosed with lung cancer, there is some degree of COPD found.
No... COPD and lung cancer are 2 separate diseases but they have a common risk factor: smoking. Smoking cessation will decrease your risk for these diseases and your doctor can help with quitting, if needed.
Possibly. There is the concept of the scar carcinoma. This is tumor, specifically adenocarcinoma that occurs in parts of the lung that is heavily scarred from copd. The thinking is that a) the same area that is exposed to cigarette smoke is risk factor for lung cancer, and b) the chornic inflammation in the COPD produces factors that predispose to lung cancer.

Does pipe smoking lead to lung cancer?

Yes, tobacco use in. Any form increases the risk of cancer. The risk of lung cancer in pipe smokers is not as high as in cigarette smokers, but is higher than in non-smokers. See this site for more info. Http://www. Cdc. Gov/cancer/lung/basic_info/risk_factors. Htm.
Yes. Also can increase risk of oral and throat cancers... Not to mention bladder and breast.
YES. All forms of smoking increase your risk of cancer. Pipe smoking also increases your risk of mouth related cancer.
Pipe smoking. Classically was associated with lip cancer. Many switched from cigarettes to pipe, and continued to inhale, and the pipe smoke is more aromatic, more noxious, and likely carcinogenic. But you have to inhale the smoke to get lung cancer. One rarely sees pipe smoking in the us anymore.
Yes. Pipe smoking, and any tobacco product (e.g. Cigarettes, chewing tobacco, etc.) are risk factors for lung cancer. So stop! For more info: http://bit. Ly/ygfoko.
YES. All forms of smoking (tobacco and marijuana) increase cancer risk as well as other health risks. "non-inhaled" smoking still increases health and cancer risks. Pipe, cigar, cigarette, bong, etc... Have real risks and impacts on your health. Please be well and respect your body.

Does asbestos exposure always lead to lung cancer?

No. Asbestos is mostly associated with a cancer of the lining of the lung or chest wall (the pleura) called mesothelioma.
Asbestos. Despite the known link to the rarer mesothelioma, more non-small cell lung cancers are caused than that. There is benign conditions called asbestosis associated as well, and mostecposure causes nothing. To complete the circle, we find mesothelioma without asbestos exposure. Lorillard made kent cigarettes with a "micronite" filter of asbestos fibers. Double whammy, but burned poorly.
Short answer... No. While asbestos increases the risk of lung cancer, most exposed individuals don't get lung cancer or any of the other problems linked to asbestos. Think of it like this, most traffic deaths occur in people in cars, but most people who drive/ride in cars don't die in accidents. Not the perfect analogy, but it helps convey the difference between exposure to a risk factor and getting the disease.

Was told that I have a raspberry plantlike bacteria growing in my lungs that can lead to lung cancer!?

Really? I doubt it would lead to cancer. But, who knows? Most likely though, bacterial infection, such as what you have described, can lead to recurrent obstructive pneumonia and may need to be removed.
That's bunk. If this is even halfway close to the truth, you should contact your local district attorney and/or state medical oversight board with what evidence you have. If this is "live cell analysis", i'll testify for you pro bono. If this is a terrible misunderstanding, then both you and the practitioner have my sympathy and I hope you will forgive me.

My father have fluid in his lungs but he has stop taking medication. What are the side effects of not taking medication. Can it lead to lung cancer?

Lung fluid worsening. Your father needs to go see his doctor to discuss why he stopped the medication- was he having side effects, too costly? Whatever the case, his doctor may be able to offer him an alternative so the fluid in his lungs does not get worse to the point where he has difficulty breathing. If the cause of the fluid has not yet been determined, he should also discuss diagnostic tests with his doctor.