Can lichenoid mucositis lead to excessive tartar build up?

Yes. It can. The best person to call and ask about this is your dentist. They might have an idea how to slow progression without having to make a doctor's visit and pay a bill.
Sure. I guess it could be connected and lead to increase is plaque thus tartar. Or is heavy tartar causing inflamation resulting in gingivitis and other inflamatory responces.

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Is there a medication for lichenoid mucositis?

Yes. There are immunosuppressive agents such as Cyclosporine that have been used to treat this in addition treatment with laser therapy has also been shown to beneficial.
Mucositis. Was this caused by a drug? Then stop or change the drug. Lidex (fluocinonide) might be helpful.

I have been diagnosed with lichenoid mucositis is there anything I can do?

Lichenoid mucositis. Unfortunately, without more history and physical exam and knowing the location of your lesion it is impossible to move on. Did you ask the same questions the doc who gave you the diagnosis? You may need to see a dermatologist if you've not done so.
Steroids. This is your immune system acting out. Topical steroids or orally taken systemic steroids are your best weapon during flare ups. If you can identify any triggers you should avoid them.
Magic mouthwash. There are some prescription mouthwashes which can greatly relieve the discomfort. They may contain lidocaine or benadryl, (diphenhydramine) kaopectate or maalox, and a corticosteroid. Sysyemic steroids may also be prescribed.
Oral pathologist. Once a diagnosis of Lichenoid Mucositis has been made the professional management is warranted and involves 3 pharmacological strategies. 1. Topical corticosteroids. 2. Systemic corticosteroids. 3. Cytotoxic medications. See an oral pathologist.
PerioSciences... make a line of all natural plant extract based products high in essential antioxidants. Many of my patients have gotten faster relief and fewer, less severe episodes when using the products. I recommend the full kit which contains rinse, toothpaste, and concentrated gel to apply directly to affected areas. PerioSciences. Com or order through my site dentalcaretoday. Com.

What's lichenoid mucositis consistent with lichen planus? & NO dysplasia or atypia seen? How's lichenoid mucositis different from lichenoid dysplasia?

Information. Lichenoid mucositis is a noncommittal term referring to a wide range of mucosal lesions which closely mimic oral lichen planus both clinically and histologically, yet may represent a differentpathobiology altogether. In general, most oral lichenoid reactions represent a common end point in response to a myriad of extrinsic agents (drugs, allergens) or altered immunologically-mediated disorders.

What does oral lichenoid mucositis consistent with lichen planus in biopsy means? Is it dangerous? Anything related to luekoplakia?

No and yes. Not dangerous and it is leukoplakia. Inflammation of the mucosa and lichenoid in presentation. Leukoplakia simply means "white patch". Of course this can have many causes, some of which are cause for concern. This condition requires treatment, monitoring, and a good Oral Medicine or Oral Surgeon specialist to follow you. Good Luck.

Had mouth biopsy. Diagnosis:lichenoid mucositis consistent with lichen planus. Plz explain. I'm scared

Don't be scared! Think of lichen planus as a benign skin rash in your mouth. It can triggered by the immune system. There may be several contributing factors, and each case is different. Potential causes include: viral infections, allergens, stress, genetics, etc... Most people will have some form of lichen planus in their lifetime. If you case becomes painful or much worse, have a dentist take a look at you.