Can a tongue ulcer cause tongue cancer?

Not really. Tongue ulcers do not turn into cancers but they may be cancers to begin with.
Needs evaluation. Any lesion if not completely gone in 14 days should be clinically examined by a trained health care practitioner and biopsied if warranted or suspicious. Please don't rely on any internet searches or answers in order to self diagnose yourself. Typically, an oral surgeon would be the most likely choice for oral lesions.
Not likely. If the tongue ulcer is not from existing diagnosed cancer, then it is not likely. The ulcer should resolve in 10 - 14 days if its cause is a burn or herpes, or aphthous ulcer (under tongue). If it is none of these, you should check with your dentist.

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Dad recently gt diag tongue cancer after a non healing ulcer, submucous fibrosis & oral carcinoma started 2 months ago. Will he die soon? Prognosis?

Sorry to hear that! The prognosis depends on the type of cancer and the state of the cancer when diagnosed. If your dad allows it, go with him to his doctors' appointments as this is discussed. Any patient with a complicated illness should take someone close to them to appointments, because another pair of ears can help understanding & recall. Take notes. Have questions prepared beforehand. It's good of you to care. Read more...
Depends. Prognosis depends on stage of tumor (which depends on size and depth of tumor) and lymph node status. Ask MD these facts. Good luck. Read more...