Can a thyroid nodule affect your singing voice?

Yes. If it's big enough, it can cause compressive symptoms and affect your voice.
RARELY. Due to cancer invading nerves to vocal cord but truly a rare occurence best look for other much more common causes.

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I have a thyroid nodules but it's hard for me to raise my voice, my voice sounds hoarse a lot, what can I do?

See an ENT. Hi, you should have your symptoms evaluated by an Ear/Nose/Throat specialist to make these nodules aren't progressing and hurting your vocal chords. Additionally, you should either see your primary care physician or an endocrinologist to continue to monitor the nodules. Hope this helps!

Thyroid nodules. 17x10x14mm Hoarse voice. Microcalcification w/ mild increased vascularity. Hoarse voice. Labs normal. FNA next week. Cancer? Thanks

FNA. The size and features warrant a FNA. Go for it and see what it shows. Risk of cancer in thyroid nodule is low, slightly higher with microcalcifications but still low.
Not Necessarily. It could be a benign thyroid nodule. If it were certain to be cancer why biopsy with FNA.