Can a pituitary tumor alter your memory?

Possibly. Memory is a complex function of the brain that is dependent on many different areas. If a pituitary tumor is sufficiently large or spreads to other areas of the brain, then it is conceivable that memory would be affected. However, other symptoms, such as disruptions in hormone levels/functions and changes in vision, are far more likely.

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Could a pituitary tumor affect your memory?

Possibly. It's usually not the first symptom, but if the tumor becomes large it may press on parts of the brain and cause problems with memory. Other symptoms caused by the size of the tumor include headache, dizziness, numbness, and vision changes. Read more...

Can pituitary tumors affect my memory?

Yes but not often. If the tumor is secreting a hormone, that might directly or indirectly affect your mood and cause memory problems. The memory centers of the brain are not near the pituitary gland and therefore even large pituitary glands are not likely to affect memory just by enlarging. Such a tumor would need to be massive and would cause other problems before affecting memory. Radiation therapy can rarely. Read more...