What is the difference between a convulsion and a seizure?

Semantics. A person may experience a sudden event with strange behavior and altered awareness. The brain and body appear to be seized by some unknown force. This can be called a seizure. If the behavior involves tonic stiffening and then clinic jerking of the body, then it is referred to as a convulsion. Often there is difficulty breathing and foamy saliva in the mouth and perhaps incontinence.

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What is the difference between convulsions and seizures?

Convulsion or seizr. A convulsion describes a certain type of seizure, one that includes loss of consciousness and involuntary movement on both sides of the body. A seizure is an aberrant electrical discharge on the surface of the brain, which may involve loss of consciousness, or not, as well as involuntary movement, or not. There are many types of seizures, too many to describe in this small box. Read more...