Can having sex induce labor?

Possible. There is a theory that since there are prostaglandins in semen, and since certain prostaglandins can induce labor, that having sex can either chemically, or mechanically (banging on the door - so to speak) induce labor. There needs to be more than that. You must also have an issue that makes you more prone to going into labor like a preterm labor risk or a past due pregnancy.

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Any ideas to induce labor besides sex?

Labor. How about waiting for it to start naturally. If you are really impatient have your OB doctor decide if its okay to have a medical induction done.

Does nipple stimulation or sex help induce labor? (im 39weeks 5days, babys head is engaged)

Oh, yes! Nipple stimulation can cause an increase in uterine contractions as well as orgasm. By the way, it won't harm the baby at all and may provide an 'express trip down the elevator chute'.

Does kayro syrup help induce labor?

No evidence. Karo corn syrup has never been studied as an agent to induce labor and likely never will. I would not recommend attempting labor induction at home without consultation with your provider. Karo syrup will likely just cause elevated blood sugars and I would avoid it, in pregnancy...And in life, really.

What does it mean to "induce" labor?

Cause labor to start. Medications are administered to the mother orally, intravenously, or vaginally that cause hormone changes in the uterus. These medications enable to the uterus to start contracting causing the cervix to open and labor to start.
Jump start labor. An induction of labor is a way of starting labor artificially. There are a variety of medications which can be used to do this. Sometimes being induced is medically necessary due to certain complications like high blood pressure and diabetes. Some patients choose to get induced for no medical reason-- an elective induction. Elective inductions should not be done before 39 weeks.
Kickstart. Your ob/gyn may recommend an "induction" of labor for reasons related to your or your baby's health. There are numerous reasons for needing to have this option recommended. You are admitted to the hospital, fetal monitoring, IV started and a dilute solution of Pitocin (oxytocin) is given to start labor contractions slowly. Indications such as post dates, toxemia, iugr, fetal distress, and more `.