Is it ok to take a stool softener with birth control pills?

Yes. Will not interfere, but if you are 47 you may want to consider an in office tubal by the essure or adiana method that I do on my pts takes 5 minutes easy to do minimal to no pain miss 1/2 day of work, and then if u do not want periods you can get an in office endometrial abaltion to get rid of the endometrial tissue so no more periods or cramps takes 8 minutes easy to do.

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I've noticed vitamins/medications coming out in my stool post colectomy. How can I be sure that birth control pills are fully absorbed and effective?

Should be okay. Birth control pills are mostly absorbed in the stomach. As long as you don't have any other bowel motility issues, you should receive an effective dose of hormone from the pill. On the other hand, there are many alternative contraceptives that you may consider. Read more...