How can I treat my wrist pain?

Depends. Wrist pain without fracture is usually due to tendonitis, synovitis (early arthritis), wrist sprain (ligament injury) and arthritis (degenerative and inflammatory). Occasionally wrist pain is the result of something more complicated (cartilage tear, kienbock's, etc). If symptoms persist despite rest and activity modification, see you doctor or a hand specialist for a comprehensive evaluation.
Wrist pain. One of the first things is to get a proper exam and diagnosis a hand surgeon can help. The range if problems includes arthritis tendinitis nerve issues carpal tunnel ligament injury fracture stress fracture keinbocks masses in fact any structure can cause wrist pain . Simple solutions are splinting NSAID ice and stretching but done wrong it can make things worse so get evaluated.
Get it checked. There can be many causes of wrist pain. If this is an acute but minor injury, you could try a brief course of splinting and oral anti-inflammatories (ie motrin). However, if pain persists, best to be checked by an orthopaedic surgeon and have appropriate xrays taken.