Can autism or asperger's syndrome be detected in sperm?

Not at this time. . That would be a wonderful tool if it were available but there is not a test now that i know that can do this. Even if it could be tested, there are millions of sperm, and only one is used to fertilize. And if you test one sperm, you essentially kill it so it can't do it's job.
No. The simple answer is no. The only answer is no. The causes for autism spectrum disorders are not known and there are no current genetic tests available for autism or apsergers. It would be nice if we had such a test, but we do not.
Genetic errors. men age, their sperm contain an increase in the number of genetic errors. Recent studies have indicated an increase in Autistic offspring as father's age increases. The research is at an early stage.
Asperger's. Not at this point. There is a genetic component but at this point the direct link is unknown.

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