How is a mastectomy performed?

New options. There are many different types of mastectomies. A nipple sparing mastectomy allows the nipple and skin to be left in place and then the plastic surgeon can do reconstruction. The results are great with less scarring than traditional mastectomy. Make sure you are offered reconstruction and speak with a plastic surgeon.
Mastectomy. An incision is made on the breast to remove the nipple. The breast tissue is dissected off of the skin and removed. The muscle is left in place. Sometimes lymph nodes are also removed at the same time depending on the disease for the mastectomy. Incision is then typically closed with sutures and sometimes staples. This typically leaves a scar from the middle of the chest to the armpit.
General anaesthesia. Football-shaped incision encompasses nipple, breast tissue dissected off pec muscle, armpit lymph node (sentinal node)sampled, if positive for metastasis, other lymph nodes removed.

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How can the surgeons perform a mastectomy?

Can be outpatient. Mastectomy means removal of the breast tissue. The extent depends on the indication, generally cancer or risk of cancer. The approach also depends on involvement of the overlying skin, associated lymph nodes and decision whether to perform reconstruction immediately or delay it. You should speak with your surgeon about options. Read more...