Have tried many supplements to bring LDL close to 100 but not working so far. What would you suggest?

See your doctor. First confirm you need an LDL < 100, not everyone does. Second, LDL has 2 sources, dietary and produced by the liver. If diet cannot control ldl, then medications (statins) may be considered.
May be OK. An isolated LDL doesn't mean a lot. Your HDL value and triglyceride also are part of the equation. Most importantly is what is the setting; diabetic, family history, previous disease, hypertension. In some settings we want LDL to be close to 70 and in others it may be in the mid 100s and be just fine.
Find and Fix Causes. See your physician. Several inherited and acquired conditions will affect lipid levels. If such conditions are found they should be treated while starting diet, exercise and lifestyle changes. Appropriate lipid and lipoprotein targets will depend on your cardiovascular risk level. In many cases additional tests of LDL and HDL particle number will be needed to ensure you have reached your goals.